Hacking the AlcaLu Image

This is a log of what I have done to the VM installed in the style of Installing a qemu/libvirt Guest on an Otherwise Ganeti System.

With much help from Alastair Johnson of AlcaLu?.

Password Configuration

I did not create user names yet, but it seemed changing the password was critical

A:vRR# password 
Enter current password: 
Enter new password: 
Re-enter new password: 

System Name, Password, etc.

A:vRR# configure system name sros0 
*A:sros0# configure system contact "Randy Bush <>"
*A:sros0# admin save 
Writing configuration to cf3:\config.cfg
Saving configuration ... OK

Set Up IPv4 Basic Addressing

I configured the IP Address

A:sros0# bof          
A:sros0>bof# address 
*A:sros0>bof# save

I configured default routes. Note that this must be done in two halves as this is the management interface and AlcaLu? did not want to facilitate real forwarding on this interface.

A:sros0>bof# static-route next-hop    
*A:sros0>bof# static-route next-hop
*A:vRR>bof# save

SSH Needs a Bit of Tweaking

A:sros0# show system security ssh 

SSH Server
Administrative State      : Enabled
Operational State         : Up
Preserve Key              : Disabled
SSH Protocol Version 1    : Disabled
SSH Protocol Version 2    : Enabled
DSA Host Key Fingerprint  : 42:cc:bf:29:5f:11:5e:ab:20:3b:82:f5:2e:8d:72:77
RSA Host Key Fingerprint  : e9:6f:fd:93:d3:88:80:d0:e6:1f:62:88:8a:36:e5:52

Connection                                Username             
    Version Cipher                        ServerName  Status
No entries found
A:sros0# configure system security ssh preserve-key 
*A:sros0# configure system security ssh no server-shutdown 
*A:sros0# admin save 

License File

I whacked in the license file by

file vi cf3:timos.pie.b80.txt

and pasting in the file content.

Then tell the system where the file is

A:sros0# bof license-file cf3:/timos.pie.b80.txt 
*A:sros0# bof save 
Writing BOF to cf3:/bof.cfg ... OK

This will take effect at the next reboot.

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