Information About RPKI-Over-BitTorrent? Experiment

RPKI-over-BitTorrent? is an experiment in using BitTorrent? as a self-organizing flooding network to distribute unauthenticated RPKI data in a way that may give better service to relying parties while reducing load on the global RPKI infrastructure.

Overview of experiment

Presentation on the experiment. Includes overview of software involved and how it operates.

Code needed for experiment

Software needed:

  • VMs acting as gatherers
    • rcynic / rsync / transmission-daemon / python as above
    • paramiko (Python SSH/SFTP client)
      • Ubuntu: python-paramiko
    • mktorrent (torrent construction tool)
      • Ubuntu: mktorrent

Strictly speaking, we only need one coordination server, and it need not even be in StarBED so long as it's reachable from StarBed?.

Details on how to configure all of this withheld for now per Randy's request to keep Olaf from getting distracted by all this. :)

Configuration guide

Detailed configuration guide for not yet written.

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