RGnet / PSGnet OpenVPN Service Configuration

RGnet/PSGnet provides an OpenVPN service from the following servers using pfSense.

Name Location IP Address Port Proto Mode Status Ashburn, VA US 443 TCP or UDP tunnel Working Seattle, WA US 443 TCP tunnel Working Seattle, WA US 443 UDP tunnel Working Dallas TX US 443 UDP or TCP tunnel Testing Ikebukuro Tokyo JP 443 TCP or UDP tunnel Working

Needless to say, you should use the one that is topologically nearest to where you are in the net.

Using Viscosity, if you connect to a TCP, as opposed to UDP, server, you may need to edit your config.conf file (see below to find it) file directly to add a line of the form

remote 80 tcp-client

If you have a Mac, I recommend Viscosity. Config hints for Viscosity are below for both OS X and Windows. You will need four files from me:

FileName Use
ca.crtroot trust anchor for the your certs
foo.crt a certificate for you
foo.key your private key
ta.keyTLS shared auth key

Upgrading to the pfSense Servers

  • First, you will need the TA.KEY file
  • Install the ta.key in your Viscosity Prefs / Auth / Extra TLS Key The configuration files on a Mac are actually in
    # ls -lg ~/Library/Application Support/Viscosity/OpenVPN/1
    total 24
    -rw-------  1 staff  1728 Feb 27  2011 ca.crt
    -rw-------  1 staff  5273 Feb 27  2011 cert.crt
    -rw-r--r--  1 staff   469 Jan 21 10:34 config.conf
    -rw-------  1 staff  1679 Feb 27  2011 key.key
    -rw-------  1 staff   636 Jan 19 17:59 ta.key
  • While you are there, set Direction to 1
  • Options / LZO Compression should be On (Adaptive)
  • The Mac OS X wiki page referred below has been updated

Viscosity Configuration GUI Examples

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